I'm interested in being notified by addition/removal of subnode of a
watched node.

The method getChildren allows to be notified when "a successful
operation that deletes the node of the given path or creates/delete a
child under the node". But this notification only provides the path of
the parent, and I would like to have the path of the added/removed

For instance:
   I create a node "BaseNode", and 1 million of EPHEMERAL_SEQUENTIAL
"ChildNode". I would like to be notified of any new creation/deletion
of "ChildNode" without having to list all "ChildNode" (1 million!)
   Ideally, I would like to be notified of any addition/deletion, the
Watcher being called with a WatchedEvent.getPath returning the path of
the ChildNode and not the path of the BaseNode.

Is there any recipe that would provide this feature (or a work around) ?


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