I'm working on a ZK deployment that will support a heterogeneous set of 
processes connecting to the ZK and creating ephemeral nodes. We have the 
conflicting requirements that:
a)      If a process crashes (closes its socket) without calling a proper 
close, we would like the ephemeral node to go away quickly, and
b)      If a process does not cause a socket close, wait for a potentially long 
session timeout before removing its nodes (imagine a huge Java process doing a 
several minute full GC)

I foolishly did not investigate the ZK code closely enough and it seems that 
closing the socket still waits for the session timeout to remove the session. I 
will probably have to hack together some sort of option to expire sessions 
immediately upon socket close, any ideas of issues I might expect putting such 
a feature in? Also, is there any appetite to have such a thing contributed back 
to the project if I get it working well?


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