Dear list readers,

we want to use the zookeeper C bindings with our applications. Some of them are 
running on Linux (e.g. Load Balancer) and others (.NET(C#) Audio Servers) on 
Windows Server 2008.
We'd like to try using cygwin to accomplish this task on windows, but we need 
further advice on how to do that.

What we did so far:

1) downloaded latest cygwin
2) ran ./configure
3) ran make
4) ran make install     

Now we find some files (libzookeeper_mt.a, libzookeeper_mt.dll.a,, libzookeeper_st.a, libzookeeper_st.dll.a and in our cygwin/usr/local/lib folder, but these cannot be 
used in Visual Studio.
Is it somehow possible to produce a file that we can then use like a .dll or a 
.lib ? 
What do we have to do to accomplish our task? Are we heading in a completely 
wrong direction?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!

Best regards
Jan & Jan

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