Hi Tim,
 The lock recipe you mention is supposed to avoid her affect and prevent 
starvation (though it has bugs :)).
 Are you looking for something like that or just a simple lock and unlock that 
doesn't have to worry abt the above issues.
If that's the case then just doing an ephemeral create and delete should give 
you your lock and unlock recipes.


On 9/8/10 9:58 PM, "Tim Robertson" <timrobertson...@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi all,

I am new to ZK and using the queue and lock examples that come with
zookeeper but have run into ZOOKEEPER-645 with the lock.
I have several JVMs each keeping a long running ZK client and the
first JVM (and hence client) does not respect the locks obtained by
subsequent clients - e.g. the first client always manages to get the
lock even if another client holds it.

Before I start digging, I thought I'd ask if anyone has a simple lock
implemented they might share?  My needs are simply to lock a URL to
indicate that it is being worked on, so that I don't hammer my
endpoints with multiple clients.

Thanks for any advice,

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