Thanks for your questions, Amit.

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I am experimenting with BookKeeper and have a question on LedgerHandler class. The readEntries(firstEntry, lastEntry) method takes the indexes of first and
last entries. Also, the LedgerSequence object returned has method

Which version are you using? I don't think we have LedgerSequence any longer.

1. How does a client knows the index of the last entry? I was expecting clients to make a call like readEntries(0, Integer.MAX_INT) and the hasMoreElements() to return false the moment there are no more entries. Am I missing something in the
way the API is supposed to be used?

I believe you should use public long getLastAddConfirmed().

2. The LedgerSequence.hasMoreElements() returns true (even if there are no more
entries), and the nextEntry returns null.

readEntries currently return Enumeration<LedgerEntry>, but I just noticed that the documentation is not correct, so I'll open a jira to fix it.


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