That would be incredibly useful, I keep meaning to just take the code I need 
for integration testing from the zk test source but it would be much nicer as a 
released jar. I created ZOOKEEPER-903 to track this:


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  we should be exposing those classes and releasing them as a testing 
jar. do you want to open up a jira to track this issue?


On 10/18/2010 05:17 AM, Anthony Urso wrote:
> Anyone have any pointers on how to test against ZK outside of the
> source distribution? All the fun classes (e.g. ClientBase) do not make
> it into the ZK release jar.
> Right now I am manually running a ZK node for the unit tests to
> connect to prior to running my test, but I would rather have something
> that ant could reliably
> automate starting and stopping for CI.
> Thanks,
> Anthony

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