Already did. I think it's for any znode, given the way the bug presents.
I have a test and fix for this (described in the tracker), if you agree this is 
a bug I will attach it.


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Subject: Re: Digest user ACL check failing

Sounds like it might be a bug, was this just for the root or for any znode?
Please file a JIRA, thanks.


On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 1:01 PM, Fournier, Camille F. [Tech] <> wrote:

> The ZK documentation says:
> New in 3.2: Enables a ZooKeeper ensemble administrator to access the znode
> hierarchy as a "super" user. In particular no ACL checking occurs for a user
> authenticated as super.
> However, in some testing today I created a digest user, logged in as this
> user, set the ACLs for "/" to Ids.READ_ACL_UNSAFE, and now even when I am
> logged in as the superuser, I cannot actually change this ACL or write nodes
> below it on the tree. So it does not actually seem to be the case that
> "super" skips ACL checks. Is this a bug or a feature?
> Thanks,
> Camille

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