I am trying to understand hedwig. I tried reading the documentation user.txt, 
dev.txt along with the code but 
still some design aspects are not clear.

Can someone please tell the following:

(Lets say there are 2 regions A and B)

1. When a subscriber X subscribes to topic T in region A, then does 
RegionManager automatically adds a subscription (with id = __A) to topic T in 

The RegionManager class has couple of callbacks and I was not able to 

it properly.

2. What happens when X and Y in region A subscribe to topic T. Does 
RegionManager tries to do separate subscription for X and Y in B? Since the 
RegionManager uses a static subscriber Id, the second subscription request will 
be considered duplicate. 

3. How does X gets messages from region B? The RegionManager callbacks are bit 
confusing and I was not able to understand.

4. What is the purpose of org.apache.hedwig.server.proxy package classes 
(HedwigProxy etc.). There is no documentation to explain the same.

5. What happens when one of the hub dies. The publisher will try to contact 
another hub? But what about the subscribers? Do they need to do any error 
handling / recovery?

6. Hedwig architecture mandates the need for a load balancer. As per my 
understanding it is required because the zk instances of different regions is 
not shared. I would expect all hosts information to be maintained in zk, and 
even for cross colo, the information should be shared through zk (may be that 
requires SSL support in zk).


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