I wanted to highlight a couple recent JIRAs that may have impact on
users (api consumers AND admins of the service) in the 3.4 timeframe.
If you want to weigh in please comment on the respective jira:

1) proposal to move to slf4j (remove/replace log4j)

from user perspective not much should change as slf4j has full support
for log4j as an "engine". But I'm not fully versed on every

Note that hbase is in the process of moving
https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HBASE-2608 and Avro has already
moved to slf4j, not sure about some of the other hadoop ex-subs.

2) on a related note. We did a bunch of work in the 3.3 timeframe to
improve logging where the severity levels of log messages tended to be
too verbose (many items which should have been debug/trace were info).
Much of this was based on feedback we received from the hbase
community. However there are still some rough edges.

A recent JIRA
is proposing some additional changes. It would be good for
users/admins (consumers of the client api and those involved with
running the service itself) to weigh in if they have any
insights/preferences. My primary concern is that we are still able to
help users when they run into trouble - ie sufficient logging at info
level, not losing critical detail in the weeds of debug/trace level.
It's unfortunate that we only have 3 levels to "play" with here. FF to
weigh in.



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