Any chance of putting it back in zk?

Would be useful.


On 11/18/10 1:17 PM, "Kapil Thangavelu" <> wrote:

At canonical we've been using zookeeper heavily in the development of a new
project (ensemble) as noted by gustavo.

I just wanted to give a quick overview of the client library we're using for
it. Its called txzookeeper, its got 100% test coverage, and implements
various queue, lock, and utilities in addition to wrapping the standard zk
interface. Its based on the twisted async networking framework for python,
and obviates the need to use threads within the application, as all watches
and result callbacks are invoked in the main app thread. This makes
structuring the code signficantly simpler imo than having to deal with
threads in the application, but of course tastes may vary ;-).

Source code is here :

comments and feedback welcome.



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