I was looking through the source code and I was just wondering about  
the connection states defined in Watcher ....

         final public static int KeeperStateChanged = 0;

         final public static int KeeperStateUnknown = -1;

         final public static int KeeperStateDisconnected = 0;

         final public static int KeeperStateNoSyncConnected = 1;

         final public static int KeeperStateSyncConnected = 3;

         public static final int KeeperStateExpired = -112;

And why there are too constants set to 0?  I could not find a usage  
for the constant KeeperStateChanged just quickly using the find usage  
option in IntelliJ.

It's been a while since I have been actively doing any Java dev so  
maybe I am just missing the obvious?  I am developing a JRuby api for  
ZooKeeper and was just logging the states from events in a watcher  
when I came across this.


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