Am 26.06.2008 um 12:53 schrieb Flavio Junqueira:

> Hi Martin, Have you observed any session expiration in your logs?  
> What is the value of tickTime you are using?

tickTime is 2000

I found this in the logs

2008-06-25 07:26:42,003 WARN Processed session  
termination request for id: 11aba706af60019
2008-06-25 07:50:42,161 WARN Closing: TIMED OUT
2008-06-25 07:50:42,723 WARN Closing: TIMED OUT        at 

and very often this

2008-06-25 07:50:43,970 WARN  
Connected to / lastZxid 6
2008-06-25 07:50:43,970 WARN  
Finished init of 11aba706af60000: true
2008-06-25 07:50:43,970 WARN  
Renewing session 11aba706af60000

Martin Schaaf

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