We are using Zookeeper to implement consistent hashing, and need to be able to add or remove hosts from the Zookeeper service without interrupting its functionality.

According to http://zookeeper.wiki.sourceforge.net/ZooKeeperConfiguration : "Every machine that is part of the ZooKeeper service needs to know about every other machine. So, we need to have a list of machines in the configuration file."

Can we add a single Zookeeper server to the service with an expanded host list without interrupting the proper functioning of the service? The old servers will each have host list s_1, ..., s_k, and the new server s_k+1 will have host list s_1, ..., s_k, s_k+1. Now we need to restart the rest of the servers one by one from s_1 to s_k with the new host list s_1, ..., s_k, s_k+1. Is this a violation of the service specification?



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