to fix my problems with the timeouts and connection loss. I print out  
every unhandled event. As my 9 clients gets disconnected from the  
zookeeper server they print out the following event -1,0,'null (from  
event.toString()). In this the events were thrown endless.

I found the following documentation for this event.

  * When a client drops current connection and re-connects to a  
server, all the
  * existing watches are considered as being triggered but the  
undelivered events
  * are lost. To emulate this, the client will generate a special  
event to tell
  * the event handler a connection has been dropped. This special  
event has type
  * EventNone and state sKeeperStateDisconnected.

What I need to know is: Do we have to reconnect or does it happen by  
its own? What should the handler do if this event gets thrown?

Thank you.


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