PTProfiler 1.0 beta released

The Infrae team has just released version 1.0 beta of the PTProfiler
tool. This release only adds a small number of minor new features, but
since the product has been quite stable for a long time (no bug reports
in two years!) we decided to release 1.0.


  * Expressions now have a nice colour, depending on the type.
  * 'Clear results' now uses POST on submit, making refreshes not
    clear the results again (thanks to Alexander Limi!).
  * Profiling is now disabled by default.

What is PTProfiler?

PTProfiler is a simple tool that monkey-patches Zope's PageTemplate
machinery to time all TAL expressions. A special viewer allows you to
compare the amount of calls per expression, and the time spent on those
calls. This makes it easy to find bottlenecks in page templates.


PTProfiler can be downloaded here:

If you have questions or remarks, please send them to [EMAIL PROTECTED]


Guido Wesdorp

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