gocept is happy to announce the release of CMFLinkChecker 1.9.2

CMFLinkChecker is an industrial grade link management utility for Plone that allows you to focus on the important tasks in content management: decentralize the task of link management and centralize your information.

Version 1.9.2 is the second preview/testing release to the upcoming 2.0 release of CMFLinkChecker.

New features in the 1.9.x versions include:

* Archetype and ATContentTypes are now supported.
* References within a Plone site are automatically managed bi-directionally. This also includes Kupu's resolveuid method.
* Individual links are highlighted in the content area reflecting their current state to easily spot problems and enable authors to correct them.
* A new central web service removes the burden of checking the links from within Zope. The web service provides you with increased performance and stability.

For more information or to download CMFLinkChecker visit the CMFLinkChecker website (http://www.gocept.com/angebot/opensource/CMFLinkChecker/) or contact Christian Zagrodnick ([EMAIL PROTECTED]).

Christian Zagrodnick

gocept gmbh & co. kg  schalaunische strasse 6  06366 koethen
www.gocept.com  fon. +49 3496 3099112  fax. +49 3496 3099118

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