The New Zealand Zope Users Group (NZZUG) website has been created with
the following objective (taken from the NZZUG site's homepage): "Our aim
is to promote the use and ongoing development of Zope, Plone and Python
technologies in NZ."
Currently the site's focal point is a mailing list but it's intended to
eventually contain a directory of Plone/Zope Solution Providers in New
The site's sponsor is TheVirtual Limited, who have been developing
Plone/Zope solutions for over 5 years now and are very interested in
promoting Plone/Zope in New Zealand, especially its multi-lingual
If you are based in New Zealand, please take a look at the site, join
the mailing list, and help Plone/Zope to grow in New Zealand!
If you have any queries about NZZUG or anything else, feel free to
contact me.
Kind regards,
Tim Knapp

TheVirtual Ltd             Voice:  +64 3 9800661
Christchurch, New Zealand  Mobile: +64 21 1566405
www.thevirtual.co.nz       [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Making Virtual Business Reality

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