I'm pleased to announce the release of ZopeEditManager 0.9.7.

ZopeEditManager is a native Cocoa application that provides
ExternalEditor functionality for Mac OS X users. Written using the
PyObjC bindings, it extends the original work done by Casey Duncan,
and makes it possible for Mac users to get the most out of this
incredibly useful package.

This release fixes a few long-standing bugs:

  - When ZopeEditManager is quit, it will now try to cleanup the locks
    on all its documents, so they aren't left locked on the server.

  - A crash could occur when clicking the column headers in the main

You can download it in binary_ or source_ form.

.. _binary: http://www.urbanape.com/downloads/ZopeEditManager-0.9.7.zip
.. _source: http://www.urbanape.com/downloads/ZopeEditManager-0.9.7- src.tgz


Zachery Bir

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