I'm pleased to announce the release of PluggableAuthService 1.1b1.

Changes in this version:

- Removed the automatic id mangling behavior. This is now done on a per-plugin basis

- Bridged the interfaces so PAS can run in both Zope 2.7.x and Zope 2.8.x (with Five)

You can download the Product from zope.org:

<http://www.zope.org/Members/urbanape/PluggableAuthService/ PluggableAuthService-1.1b1/PluggableAuthService-1.1b1.tgz> <http://www.zope.org/Members/urbanape/PluggableAuthService/ PluggableAuthService-1.1b1/PluggableAuthService-1.1b1.zip>

This is a beta release. While it works perfectly well in a prefix- less environment, there are likely still edges where using the plugins with prefixes will cause problems. We hope to address all the edge cases soon and release a 1.1 final.


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