Hi folks,

I sincerely apologize for sending out the wrong link below, that link
does lead to the form, but where I really wanted to send you was to the
landing page that has some of the qualifying rules for getting the free
signed book, including the rule that you must be inside the US, which is
a budget constraint on our part since it costs us 4-5 times as much to
ship a book out of the US.  Here is the link to the landing page:


To cover this big goof and to make an offer that works for everyone, I'm
extending a 25% discount code for the online subscription to folks from
outside the USA that fill out the form and qualify.  This brings the
cost of the online subscription to about $22.50 USD (under 20 Euro).  I
apologize again for the error and hope that the discount offer allows
some folks outside the US to get their hands on a copy of the book.

Also, for those coming to the Vienna Plone conference, Munwar and I will
be giving out signed books, so those lucky enough to go and get there
before we run out of books can still get their hands on a signed print
edition.  Thanks!


> So you dig Plone? Cool. Are you hawking it within your company? Better.
> You have some ideas to share? Awesome!
> The team at CIGNEX, the open source evangelist company, has authored a
> 400-page book, "Plone Live," that is full of useful stuff -- codes,
> ideas, tools, and so on -- for you, the Plone developer. Published by
> Sourcebeat, this book is now available in print.
> We are giving away 500 FREE copies, SIGNED by both the authors, to
> active Plone believers. Sure, there is a catch. We want you to tell us
> your take on Plone -- projects you are working on, tools that you have
> built, ideas you'd like to share.
> Just fill out the form at this URL:
> http://www.cignex.com/ploneliveoffer/form.html?cref=zope-announce
> describing your Plone commitment, and if you qualify (you represent a
> not for profit or for profit organization and you completely fill out
> the questionaire) we'll send your copy right away!
> -Michel

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