I am pleased to announce the release of TextIndexNG V 3.0.5.

TextIndexNG V 3 is a complete new implementation based on Zope 3 technologies and can be used both in Zope 2.8 or 2.7 (with Five) or in
Zope 3.

What's new?

- multi-field indexing and query support

- multi-lingual support

- configurable converters (through ZCML)

- new indexing API (allowing you to hook your custom content types with TextIndexNG
  through Zope 3 adapters).

Changes since V 3.0.4:

  - optimization: unchanged documents will no longer be reindexed

- added Plone integration: TextIndexNG 3 must be installed through the quickinstall or Add/Remove programs. The Plone integration provides a configlet to replace an existing SearchableText index with a TextIndexNG V3 instance. Note that the Plone integration **still* requires Zope 2.8 or Zope 2.7 + Five. The Plone support has been tested with Plone 2.1 only. If you want to run Plone 2.0 with TextIndexNG then you should
    use TextIndexNG V 2(!)


- Zope 2.8 or Zope 2.7 (+ Five) or Zope 3 (Zope 3 has nothing like catalogs yet)

TextIndexNG V3 will *not* run with bare Zope 2.7 installations without Five
 (and this will not be changed in the future).



For installation and documentation issues refer to doc/README.txt from the archive. It's basically the same procedure as with former versions except you *need* to recompile the extension modules. Windows binaries of the required extension modules
are currently not available (any volunteers?).

TextIndexNG V 3 is published under the ZPL.

Andreas Jung

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