There is a feature in Zope 3, called the "sendmail" mailer, which is
not enabled by default, for using a shell command to invoke a mailer
to send mail. (The name comes from the popular Unix mailer
sendmail, which is often invoked as a sub-process.) Invoking a shell
from a server program is a potential serious security hole.  This
feature can be enabled with a ZCML directive like:

  <mail:queuedService permission="zope.SendMail"
                      mailer="sendmail" />

If you have added a directive like this to your configuration,
you should remove it or change it to use the smpt mailer:

  <mail:queuedService permission="zope.SendMail"
                      mailer="smtp" />

This feature will be removed in future versions of Zope, including
Zope 3.1, and 3.0.2 (if there is a 3.0.2).

If you gave questions about this, please send them to the Zope 3
users list, [EMAIL PROTECTED]


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