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Nothing earthshaking this month.. unless you count the retirement of the venerable full/simple/minimal !


        Drop full/simple/minimal and simplify the standard skin, more
        robust wiki contents.

    Upgrade notes

        Customized skins which use the old wikipage_macros template will
        stop working with this release, as discussed in the 0.42 upgrade
        notes. If this affects you, you'll need to make the changes
        described there now.


      Page hierarchy

        * clarify updateWikiOutline and call it on every page view to
        avoid out of date contents and hopefully avoid the need to call it

      General - skins

        * drop full/simple/minimal modes from the standard skin.

        * drop backwards compatibility support for pre-0.42 wikipage_macros

        * drop the background colour in top and bottom bars

        * wikipage template cleanups

        * rewrote and redocumented setskin, fixed permission declaration
          not sure I accomplished much.

* (commented out) if a "background.jpg" object is present, use it as
          the body background image (for the main page view only)


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