Zwiki is a free wiki engine for Zope, for creating both standard Zope and CMF/Plone wikis. You can find out all about it at .

This month we have some and the return of CMF metadata. Thanks to alecm, jbb, Tim Olsen and Mark Ferrell in particular.


Robustness fixes, Plone 2.1 compatibility fixes, simplifications, CMF metadata support.

Upgrade notes

You might want to delete the "outline" object using the ZMI, allowing Zwiki to create a more ZMI-compliant one. Note this will lose any manual re-ordering of subtopics you may have done.

The default colour for "serious" issues is lighter. This will take effect for each issue page as it is edited. To make all pages show the correct colour right away, visit SomePage/upgradeAll in your browser.



  • make the outline cache replaceable to avoid errors during migration of plone 2.1rc<3 sites (#1143, SM, alecm)
  • make catalog lookup more robust when there is another object named Catalog (#1132, SM, Tim Olsen)
  • catch errors when importing page types and plugins at startup (#809, #1148)
  • make fit import error at startup less verbose (#1054)


  • make the outline cache object fully ZMI-manageable (#1144)
  • drop support for alternate catalog names via SITE_CATALOG property
  • drop support for overriding the contents view with a SiteMap page
  • don't update page creation times when moving/renaming/importing in the ZMI



  • fix page creation/editing breakage in plone 2.1 due to explicit acquisition (#1137, SM, alecm)
  • enable CMF/Plone document metadata support (jbb)

Page hierarchy


Issue tracking

  • make the serious issue default colour lighter
  • allow issues without numbers (with at least a "status" property)

General - i18n

  • remove unnecessary -en po files
  • add missing headers for german po
  • drop unnecessary -PT for pt po files
  • fix space-separated i18n attributes to avoid deprecation warnings on startup

General - skins

  • make hasSkinTemplate check filesystem templates, such as the alternate subtopics template (#1113, Mark Ferrell, SM)
  • drop the special style for ratings, for now


  • allow create to work without a request, for debugging
  • merge with for easier handling
  • don't bother noting pre-renders in the transaction log (#948)
  • drop unused getSkinTemplateWithDefault method

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