Infrae has just released Silva 1.3, the final release of this version.
Silva 1.3 includes the following new features:

    * WebDAV support
    * Partial upgrading of (imported) Silva content
    * Users can now set the preferred language from their member
      settings page
    * Some shortcut buttons were added for certain actions, highly
      improving usability of certain views
    * Refactoring of the metadata tab
    * Added categories support for metadata sets
    * More properties are now imported and exported using the XML
      import/export mechanism

Most important changes since the last beta:

    * CSS cleanups
    * Content workspace sidebar

Of course a lot of bugs were fixed, too. (See the HISTORY.txt file in
the Silva package for more a complete list).

Silva can be downloaded here:

The easiest way is to download the Silva-1.3-all.tgz file, and unpack
this in your products directory. There is also a Silva-1.3-extra-1.tgz
tarball that contains some additional Silva extensions, such as
SilvaNews and SilvaExternalSources. See the INSTALL.txt included in the
Silva product for more information.


Guido Wesdorp

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