Zwiki is a powerful, easy-to-use GPL wiki engine for Zope. It works in both standard Zope and CMF/Plone. You can find out all about it at .


A productive month. Outside the product release notes, here's what I remember off the top of my head -

The discussion setup has been simplified; the mail lists have been retired, and the main discussion page is called GeneralDiscussion again. explains all.

I'm offering free experimental zwiki hosting at . has moved to . Old urls should still work. demonstrates a zwiki configured as a personal notes wiki/outliner. (and demonstrate a simple matrix/database app using structured wiki data. has a new layout and demonstrates blog-style display of recent pages, inspired by Michael Haubenwallner and others. lists all wikis on this server.

I've been updating the blog at .

We now have a wikipedia entry,

A nicer darcs web interface has been installed, see zwiki-org -> darcs or . There were 106 darcs commits this month, probably a new record.

Zwiki 0.46.0 2005/10/01


Per-user mailout policy, skins reorganization, plugin architecture enhancements, support for boring pages, wicked link syntax, favicons and separate create form, better logging, many code cleanups & bugfixes.

Upgrade notes

To make your rss feeds and blog listings less junky, do SomePage/setupCatalog to add the new isBoring index.

An mailout_policy folder property with value "edits" overrides the per-user policy (see below), but this may be dropped in a future release.



  • fix __implements__ attribute error when CMF is not installed (#1149, Warren)
  • make Zwiki startup more robust with strange locales/strange pythons (#1158)
  • make zmi add wiki form use a btreefolder
  • don't break when adding a wiki with id home (#591)
  • drop unnecessary loading plugins message at startup
  • don't log a warning at startup when the system locale is None
  • clarify missing PTS warning at startup
  • make fit import failure warning at startup less troubling
  • fix a case where a page upgrade wouldn't get logged
  • don't break when displaying a page whose page type has been uninstalled


  • wiki subscriber mail-out, rss feeds and blog listings will ignore boring pages TestPage, SandBox and their offspring, by default. You can configure different pages in a boring_pages lines folder property, one per line. An isBoring index has been added to the standard catalog fields, run /setupCatalog to add it.
  • set a true use_double_parenthesis_links property to enable Wicked-style double parenthesis syntax for freeform wiki links. This is for world users who can't easily type [].
  • rename and delete no longer check for a username in addition to the permissions (though the skin may still hide them without a username.)


  • the /changes_rss feed now shows the edit diff
  • misc_/* image paths are now relative to be more robust with vhosting (#689)


  • be sure to create our own recycle_bin even if the parent folder has one
  • purple numbers now disabled by default
  • allow create to be called directly by page management form


  • add "all edits" checkboxes to subscribeform. Zwiki can now send comments to some, edits to others.
  • reparent now also sends a mailout
  • remove (new), add (edit) in mailout subjects for clarity
  • just say "links updated" in rename mailout subject

Issue tracking

  • use more consistent (property change) in issue mailouts, and don't say it if no property changed
  • /issuebrowser was showing filter issues form

General - skins

  • big skins reorganization to reduce duplication
  • use a separate createform skin template for creating pages if present
  • hide most of the wiki action links by default in standard skin
  • tweak page management form layout in standard skin
  • drop unnecessary extra text from page management form in cmf/plone
  • remove old _ and = access keys from /showAccessKeys
  • register just the zwiki_standard skin with FilesystemSiteDirectory when installed
  • italicise log notes in recent changes
  • if a favicon object is present, set it as the page icon in the standard skin
  • don't let recentchanges break when a page type has been uninstalled
  • use the word "page" instead of "subtopic" in the page management form
  • don't let non-template objects with the same id hide our skin templates; improve bad template error
  • remove the h2 bottom border style
  • remove stray commas in page templates causing log warnings
  • drop uploaded and wikinav_portlet templates from plone skin


  • split content/ into wikis/ and scripts/
  • strip html tags in the page summary, and add renderedSummary which does formatting and linking
  • rename all pagetypes' renderXIn methods to format
  • plugins can now be packages or files
  • plugins can now override any method in the product core
  • add support for emacs-style "hooks" for customization by plugins


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