Nidelven IT, long time supporter of Zope and Plone have launched 4 new
hosting products, and are now taking the step up towards supporting
customers with bigger requirements, as well as enabling the smallest to
have a robust website of their own.

The four packages we're launching are

    * Mini

      For the smallest, with Plone, ZWiki and Issue Dealer available as
      well as the standard Zope products

    * Managed Zope server I

      For webmasters/hosting providers/large websites

    * Managed Zope server II

      For webmasters/hosting providers/large websites

    * Managed Zope server III

      For webmasters/hosting providers/huge websites

With these four new packages, we're supporting and enabling customers
from the very smallest, to some of the largest and we're still able to
provide customers with custom and larger solutions as well.

All our hosting services are run on RAID, they are backed up regularly,
and we give our customers great support, something we can prove by never
having lost a customer due to poor service.

To find out more, go to our Zope/Plone hosting page:
fn:Morten Petersen
org:Nidelven IT
adr:;;Postboks 923;Trondheim;;7409;Norway
email;internet:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
title:Project Manager
tel;work:+47 45 44 00 69
tel;cell:+47 45 44 00 69

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