FunkLoad 1.2.0 is out.

About FunkLoad:

FunkLoad is a open source functional and load web tester, written in
Python, whose main use cases are functional and regression testing of
web projects, performance testing by loading the web application and
monitoring your servers, load testing to expose bugs that do not surface
in cursory testing, and stress testing to overwhelm the web application
resources and test the application recoverability, and writing web
agents by scripting any web repetitive task, like checking if a site is

Changes since 1.1.0:

* Credential and Monitor services have been refactored they are now true
unix daemon service, controllers are now in pure python (no more bash

* Switching from distutils to setuptools using EasyInstall_, installing
FunkLoad is now just a question of ``sudo easy_install funkload``.

* Moving demo examples into the egg, just type ``fl-install-demo`` to
extract the demo folder

* Several bugs have been fixed.

More info:

Grab it:

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