I am pleased to announce the release of

  PloneCollectorNG 1.2.8 b1.

This release introduces compatibility with Plone 2.1.1.

Changes since 1.2.7:

  - runs with Plone 2.1 and *requires* Plone 2.1

  - TextIndexNG 2 or 3 must be installed - no further
    support for ZCTextIndex

  - using the CSS resource registry

  - no further functional or UI changes

You can download PloneCollectorNG from


V 1.2.8 b1 only works with Plone 2.1 or higher. Plone 2.0
will no longer be supported (stick with V 1.2.7 when using
Plone 2.0).

Bugs should be reported using the Collective bugtracker
at sf.net/projects/collective -> Bugs (please no bug reports
through private mail..they might get lost).

Andreas Jung

  -   Andreas Jung            ZOPYX Software Development and Consulting -
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