Zwiki 0.49 has been released at  (better late than never). Zwiki is a free, powerful, easy to use and manage wiki engine for Zope 2; it works with standard Zope, CMF or Plone sites. See below for other useful urls.


    A new copyright/license policy and contributor list; Plone 2.1 and
    mail fixes.

    Upgrade notes

    You should upgrade to this release if you're using Plone 2.1.


        * make the green border & tabs appear in Plone 2.1, and indeed
    force it always on, for now (#1187)


        * make authenticated/unauthenticated subscriptions in CMF/Plone
    more interchangeable so things just work (#1199, Simon Michael,
    John Riley)

        * subscriberList was returning a stray :edits, causing trouble eg
    in lotus notes (#1197, John Riley, Simon Michael)

        * also accept Secure Mailhosts, fixing mailout in Plone 2.1
    (#1197, Tracy Reed, Simon Michael)

      General - i18n

        * minor fix, one line hadn't been translated (Frank Laurijssens)

        * add new contributors agreement & repo policy

Useful urls:

* - start here
* - zwiki demos, related wikis, free zwiki hosting
* - blog
* - wikipedia entry, please update

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