A number of users are stuck with CMFBoard and Plone 2.0.5, we'd like to do something about that.

We (Nidelven IT) have a number of customers of the non-profit type (artistic and idealistic organizations) that are stuck with CMFBoard and Plone 2.0.5. Others Plone users are also stuck with CMFBoard, the number is tenfold, if not much more.

We would like to help these users migrate to Plone 2.1.2 which has more and improved features, but CMFBoard is a showstopper as people have invested time in posts written on these forums and they can't just be deleted.

Therefore we are asking all members of the Zope/Plone community to pledge a small or larger sum of money towards a set of scripts and Howto's that will help people move to an improved version of Plone.

To read more about the pledge, go to the weblog post:


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