The CMF developer community and Zope Corporation are pleased to
announce the release of version 1.5.6-beta of the Zope Content Management
Framework (CMF). This release is intended for testing purposes only;
we do not recommend deploying it to production servers.  The final
release of version 1.5.6 is expected on Sunday, February 26 2006.

What is the CMF?

  The Zope Content Management Framework provides a set of
  services and content objects useful for building highly
  dynamic, content-oriented portal sites.  As packaged, the
  CMF generates a site much like the site.  The CMF is
  intended to be easily customizable, in terms of both the
  types of content used and the policies and services it

What's new in this release?

  The 1.5.6-beta release represents a pure bug fix/maintenance
  release without feature additions.

Where do I get it?

  Download it from

  Points of interest include:

  - Windows ZIP file:

  - Unix tar/gzip archive:

  - Release notes:

  - Change history:

  - Installation instructions:

  - CMF Release Roadmap:

Where do I go to learn more?

  The CMF mailing list ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) has many
  participants who are active in supporting the CMF. report bugs?

  The CMF Collector at
  is the place to report bugs (please search for existing
  reports of your issue first!)

Jens Vagelpohl
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