Zwiki 0.51 has been released at http:// . Zwiki is a free, powerful, easy to use and manage wiki engine for Zope 2; it works with standard Zope, CMF or Plone sites. See below for other useful urls.

The 1st  rolled round so quick I missed it. Lots of bugfixes and translations this month.



        New partial UI translations from Rosetta: arabic, afrikaans,
        british english, estonian, romanian, swedish, turkish (welcome!);
        a number of bugfixes, eg fixing plone 2.0 support; a new option
        useful to discourage random/spam edits on public sites; briefer
        issue page mailout subjects; much cleanup of unit tests.

    Upgrade notes

        If you have a customised wikipage template, your page management
        form will reflect the new edits_need_username property until you
        update or remove your template.

        If you do not have a catalog configured for your wiki, recent
        changes will no longer sort properly. You will probably want to
        add a catalog, by visiting SOMEPAGE/setupTracker as manager.

        Purple numbers are no longer supported out of the box.


        * fix a bad import which broke CMF 1.4/Plone 2.0 support (#1211)


        * new 'edits_need_username' option can be used to block anonymous
          editors with no username cookie. Off by default.


        * fix partial display of pagemanagement form due to inconsistent
          permission checking (#1172, Frank Laurijssen, Simon Michael)

        * work around a zope 2.8/2.9 bug breaking recentchanges by
        requiring a catalog. RC no longer sorts properly without a catalog
        (#1145, Simon Michael, Michael Haubenwallner)


        * fix ExternalEditor webdav locking with Zope >=2.8 (#1194, Phil
        Schumm, Simon Michael)

        * friendlier access denied messages in certain situations (eg when
          edits_need_username is enabled)

        * remove purple numbers plugin

      Page hierarchy

        * make links in contents, eg to pages with brackets in the name,
        more robust


        * mailouts from issue pages - except for the creation mailout -
          now just include the issue number, not the full page name, in
          the subject. This can be turned off by setting a
          'mail_issue_names' boolean property. (Simon Michael, Frank

      Issue tracking

        * issuebrowser layout tweaks - reduce columns from 8 to 6


        * translation updates from Rosetta at New
        translations include: arabic, afrikaans, british english,
        estonian, romanian, swedish, turkish. Thanks to all translators!

        * rename xx-XX po files to xx_XX


        * testgeddon
          - move tests/* up to *
          - update all tests for zope 2.9 testrunner
          - make all tests pass
          - make tests run faster
          - run cmf/i18n tests only when the necessary products are present

        * fix deprecation and bad security declaration warnings reported
        by zope 2.9

        * remove /src access key & link to clean up google results for
        zwikis (#1174)

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