We are pleased to announce the Zenoss project.

Zenoss is Zope-based, network/systems monitoring application that has been
in development since 2002.

The goal of Zenoss is to "Simplify Systems Management" with a Python,
open source alternative to the big commercial management suites (e.g. IBM
Tivoli, HP OpenView, etc.). 

Zenoss also strives to go beyond Nagios and OpenNMS with improved
architecture, scalability, ease and breadth. 

  - http://www.zenoss.org (home)
  - http://www.zenoss.org/download (download)
  - http://www.zenoss.org/product (product info)
  - http://dev.zenoss.org/trac (wiki/roadmap/tickets)

Register ASAP and get a free "Here it is ... Your Moment of Zen" t-shirt!
  - http://www.zenoss.org/participate/

We are currently recruiting for the project, including paid positions and
bounty development.
  - http://www.zenoss.org/participate/helpwanted.html

Zenoss product highlights:
  - Monitoring across layers (network, servers, apps, environment...)
  - Monitoring across platforms (windows, linux, unix...)
  - Monitoring across perspectives (availability, performance, events)
  - Automated, object-based modeling of the IT environment
  - Written in Python/Zope...


Bill Karpovich

Erik Dahl

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