I've released Zwiki 0.52.1. We are aiming for a 0.52.x release that's extra-solid, so please keep reporting issues and I will make another bugfix release if needed. Thanks!


   Bugfix release.

Upgrade notes

   If you installed 0.52 in a CMF or Plone site for the first time,
   the zwiki_standard skin layer may not have been installed and some
   images may appear broken. If so, uninstall and reinstall Zwiki in
   add/remove products.


   * fix backwards compatibility for old custom templates like
     editform (#1241)

   * the zwiki_standard layer was not being registered during
     cmf/plone installation; don't add the unnecessary "Zwiki" skin
     any more

   * Add Zwiki was not setting page type based on the file suffix


   * don't html-quote the site header, if configured (#1240)


   * fix blank lines in RST page comments (#1248)
* don't show wiki logo in plone skin

   * show document actions instead of zwiki search form in plone skin

   * don't show page hierarchy list bullets in plone skin

   * don't make context links smaller in plone skin

   * use h1 instead of big for page name

   * add more whitespace between header and content in plone skin


   * when creating pages, use epoz based on the new page's type, not
     the parent page's (#1243)

 Page hierarchy


   * subscribe form fixes for cmf/plone sites: fall back to zwiki
     options cookie when not logged in, don't subscribe Anonymous
     User, more help for logged in users (Jens Nachtigall, Simon
     Michael, #878, #1203)

   * fix subscribeform _members attribute error with CMFMember
     (#1239, Jens Nachtigall, Simon Michael)

 Issue tracking


* don't let find objects in the catalog break due to outline

   * make include() convenience method more robust with

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