I am pleased to announce the release of TextIndexNG V 3.1.9.

TextIndexNG V 3 is a complete new implementation based on Zope 3 technologies and can be used both in Zope 2.8 or in Zope 3.

What's new?

- multi-field indexing and query support

- multi-lingual support

- configurable converters (through ZCML)

- new indexing API (allowing you to hook your custom content types with
  TextIndexNG through Zope 3 adapters).

Changes in V 3.1.9:

  - added explicit check for the existence of the extension module so
    will now fail at startup time with an exception instead of failing
    when creating new index instances

  - added UI support for valid word separators

  - added IObjectWrapper interface to core indexer engine to provide
    generic support   for objects wrapped into some kind of wrapper. The
    purpose of the interface is to
    attach IObjectWrapper to wrapper classes using five:implements without
    having  the need to modify exisiting code.

  - added support to deal better with indexing CMF content where the
    content object  is wrapped inside a
    CMFCore.CatalogTool.IndexableObjectWrapper instance.
    TextIndexNG3/adapters/configure.zcml contains some commented
    configurations to attach a marker interface to IndexableObjectWrapper
    and in an addition an adapter  to extract the wrapped object without
    having the need to add some CMF knowledge to the core indexing engine

  - added IExtensibleIndexableObjectWrapper for better integration with
    Plone (whose CatalogTool wraps Plone objects as
    ExtensibleIndexableObjectWrapper instances)

  - optimized internal datastructures (existing indexes should be
    cleared and reindexed)


 - Zope 2.8+, Zope 3.2+



Project page:


For installation and documentation issues refer to doc/README.txt from the archive. It's basically the same procedure as with former versions except you *need* to recompile the extension modules. Windows binaries of the required extension modules are currently not available (any volunteers?).

TextIndexNG V 3 is published under the ZPL.

Andreas Jung

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