Zwiki 0.54 has been released. This one comes you from the garden, in lovely county Wicklow. Thanks for all bug reports and input.

An announcement from Joyful Systems: my current consulting gig is winding down; it's time for me to do something new, creative, financially rewarding. This could mean a greater focus on Zwiki. If you need Zwiki/Zope/Squeak/Unix consulting, or have any other thoughts on this, let me know!

Best, -Simon


  Miscellaneous view-related and general enhancements.

Upgrade notes

  CMF/Plone users: the zwiki_standard and zwiki_plone skin layers
  have been replaced by a single zwiki layer. Re-install Zwiki in
  your CMF/Plone sites, using Plone's add/remove products or CMF's
  quickinstaller, to register the new skin layer. Also remove the
  zwiki_standard and zwiki_plone skin layers from your skins in
  portal_skins -> Properties.


    * cleaned up ZMI Add ZWiki and Add ZWiki Page forms

    * remove _getViewFor import that broke with CMF 2.0

    * fix upgradeAll's batch option


    * /myvotes view shows your votes in this wiki

    * highlight your current vote for this page, if any


    * support a max_identified_links property also, for
      cookie-identified users (for now)
* edit history enhancements, a more useful diff browser and more
      powerful revert methods. Renames can now be reverted, reverting
      is more reliable, and appropriate mail notifications are sent.

* replace zwiki_standard and zwiki_plone with just skins/zwiki

    * Views code cleanup

    * simplify definition of view macros and make them refresh
      immediately in debug mode

    * more code docs

    * don't bother identifying the catalog in event log


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