Pareto is happy to announce the first preview release of linktally,
version 0.1.0:

What is linktally

Zope, and most CMS-es in fact, is not optimized to write on every page
access. This makes page counters impractical. Add a squid cache and most
visits won't even be seen by your CMS.

Instead, linktally utilizes your Squid, Apache or Zope log file to
periodically tally content accesses, storing these in a sqlite3
database. A separate, CMS-specific tool then provides rankings (by type
if need be) for the past week, month and year.

This initial release includes a CMF tool to provide rankings by past
week, month, or year, for all tracked content or for specific types
only. We've deployed this tool in a few Plone sites already.

Note that this is an initial preview alpha release, and is still missing
some features. In the future it should support more than just Apache
Combined format, for example. Plugins for other CMS-es like Silva, CPS
or even non-python systems are also on the TODO list.

Martijn Pieters

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