The CMF developer community is hereby announcing the release of CMF
version 2.1.0-alpha.

What is the CMF?

  The Zope Content Management Framework provides a set of services and
  content objects useful for building highly dynamic, content-oriented
  portal sites. The CMF provides the foundation for popular software
  packages such as Plone. It is intended to be easily customizable, in
  terms of both the types of content used and the policies and services
  it provides.

Where do I get it?

  For release files, change logs, installation instructions and more
  please visit

  Roadmap and release information can be found at

  The CMF mailing list can be reached at the [EMAIL PROTECTED] address,
to sign up please visit cmf.

  Please file bug reports, feature requests or suggestions in the CMF
  bug collector at .

What has changed since the last release?

  New Features

    - CMFDefault utils: Added getBrowserCharset function.
Returns the charset preferred by the browser. Strings encoded with this charset are decoded correctly by Five.browser.decode.processInputs.

    - Content: Added IFactory utilities for all content classes.
They are now used by default instead of the old constructor methods.

    - FactoryTypeInformation: Added support for Zope3 style factories.
If the 'product' property of a type info instance is empty the 'factory'
      property is interpreted as an IFactory name.

  Bug Fixes

- CMFCore.ActionInformation: don't use a fixed set of properties for
      ActionInformation. (

- CMFCore.CatalogTool: Use current executable's proxy roles, if any, in place of user's roles when computing 'allowedRolesAndUsers' for
      a query. (


    - skins: Changed encoding of translated portal_status_messages.
Now getBrowserCharset is used to play nice with Five forms. Customized
      setRedirect and getMainGlobals scripts have to be updated.

    - FSFile: Added registration for 'txt' extension.

    - Profiles: All profiles are now registered by ZCML.

    - ZClasses: Removed unmaintained support for ZClasses.
      Marked the 'initializeBases*' methods as deprecated.

    - Content: All content classes are now registered by ZCML.
      ContentInit is still used to register oldstyle constructors.

    - Favorite: Added 'handleFavoriteAddedEvent' subscriber.
This replaces the 'manage_afterAdd' hook and some code in 'addFavorite'.

    - CMFCatalogAware: Added 'handleObjectEvent' subscriber.
This replaces the deprecated 'manage_afterAdd', 'manage_afterClone' and
      'manage_beforeDelete' hooks.

    - setup handlers: Removed support for CMF 1.5 CMFSetup profiles.

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