At PyCon:

I'll be giving a tutorial that combines two separate mini-tutorials:

The first mini-tutorial is on the Zope Component Architecture. The Zope Component Architecture, which isn't tied to the Zope Web application server, provides mechanisms for assembling, extending, and integrating applications using loosely-coupled parts. The tutorial will explain why one would want to use a component system, including when to and when *not* to use components. It will provide a high-level introduction to the main features of the Zope component architecture, comparing it to other Python solutions to the same kinds of problems the Component Architecture addresses.

The second mini-tutorial provides an introduction to zc.buildout. zc.buildout is a system for automating the assembly and deployment of applications having many parts. It also provides a mechanism for installing and assembling Python eggs in ways that are especially helpful during development and when creating larger applications. The tutorial will explain and show examples of using zc.buildout to

- Create a sandbox for experimenting with packages without installing them into a system Python.

- Create development environments for working on packages.

- Create system with multiple applications.

To get the most from zc.buildout requires some knowledge of using and creating eggs. The mini tutorial will provide a lazy programmer's introduction to using and creating eggs.

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