Log message for revision 30646:
  While nothing should ever be checked in on a tag directly,
  2.8b2 was already released for non-Windows, but contains an
  incorrect Zope version number in the Windows buildout.  Since
  a Windows installer was never released for 2.8b2 (I'm trying
  to do that now), there's no way to build one from the 2.8b2
  tag without changing this part of its Windows buildout first.

  U   Zope/tags/Zope-2-8-0-b2/inst/WinBuilders/mk/zope.mk

Modified: Zope/tags/Zope-2-8-0-b2/inst/WinBuilders/mk/zope.mk
--- Zope/tags/Zope-2-8-0-b2/inst/WinBuilders/mk/zope.mk 2005-06-04 14:06:14 UTC 
(rev 30645)
+++ Zope/tags/Zope-2-8-0-b2/inst/WinBuilders/mk/zope.mk 2005-06-04 15:56:03 UTC 
(rev 30646)
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
 MAKEZOPE="$(MAKEFILEDIR)/bin/makezope.bat" "$(WIN_BUILD_DIR)"

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