Log message for revision 40732:
  Removed old instructions to avoid python 2.4.
  (Keeping the general instructions to let ./configure choose
  the right version of python for you.)

  U   Zope/trunk/doc/FAQ.txt

Modified: Zope/trunk/doc/FAQ.txt
--- Zope/trunk/doc/FAQ.txt      2005-12-12 16:13:53 UTC (rev 40731)
+++ Zope/trunk/doc/FAQ.txt      2005-12-12 16:14:45 UTC (rev 40732)
@@ -277,15 +277,11 @@
        browser.  Clear your cache and view the HTML source again.
-    2. I'm using Python 2.4 and I'm having a problem ...
+    2. I'm using Python 2.x and I'm having a problem ...
-       As of the release of Zope 2.8, Python 2.4 has not been approved for 
-       use with any version of Zope yet.  Please use Python 2.3. 
        The correct version of Python should always be automatically detected
        and used when you configure and install Zope. In general, you 
        should let the configure script do its job and don't try to 
        force an unsupported version of Python!

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