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     Features added
+      - removed ZopeTutorial (Elvis is now really dead)
       - ZClasses are deprecated and should no longer be used.
       - ZGadyFlyDA/Gadfly is deprecated

Modified: Zope/trunk/lib/python/App/dtml/zope_quick_start.dtml
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11:37:44 UTC (rev 40981)
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14:51:10 UTC (rev 40982)
@@ -69,17 +69,6 @@
-There is a built-in interactive <strong>Zope Tutorial</strong> which 
-gets you started with some simple tasks using the Zope managment 
-interface. To use the tutorial, go to any Folder and select 
-<em>Zope Tutorial</em> from the add list and click the <em>Add</em> 
-button. Provide a name for the tutorial and click <em>Add</em> to 
-begin working with the tutorial.
 <a href="manage_importObject?file=Examples.zexp&amp;set_owner:int=1">Import</a>
 and then check out the <b>new</b> <a href="Examples">example Zope
 applications</a>. These examples show you simple working Zope
@@ -90,8 +79,8 @@
 Go to the main <a href="http://www.zope.org/Documentation/"; target="_new">
-Documentation Overview</a> on Zope.org.  Here you will find pointers to 
-official and community contributed documentation.
+Documentation Overview</a> on <a href="http://www.zope.org"; 
+Here you will find pointers to official and community contributed 

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