Log message for revision 67864:
  do mention the form bugfix. in 1.x.y (x=const) we do like to mention
  bugfixes, even if they might seem redudant. The reason is that several
  1.x.y and 1.a.b releases are usually going on in parallel and it'd be
  hard to figure out otherwise what a release contains.
  Confused? :)

  U   Products.Five/branches/1.3/CHANGES.txt

Modified: Products.Five/branches/1.3/CHANGES.txt
--- Products.Five/branches/1.3/CHANGES.txt      2006-05-02 20:16:21 UTC (rev 
+++ Products.Five/branches/1.3/CHANGES.txt      2006-05-02 20:32:00 UTC (rev 
@@ -8,6 +8,8 @@
+* Made sure that events are fired as expected in add and edit forms.
 * Made sure LocalizerLanguages class normalized language codes to
   xx-yy, instead of xx_YY or xx-YY.

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