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  These credits are woefully out of date.
  Easier to axe this file than give such a short list compared with the huge 
number of people who've since contributed.

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-The Zope software receives contributions from far and wide.  Here's
-the Zope Hall of Fame:
-- Stephen Purcell allows us to distribute his PyUnit unit testing
-  framework with Zope.
-- Jeff Bauer is Zope Dude Number One.  Jeff took over PCGI and
-  kept pushing it forward through the years.
-- Sam Rushing worked with us at Digital Creations to make Medusa
-  the publishing platform for ZServer and the concurrency of Zope2.
-- A subset of windows guru Mark Hammond's win32 extensions are
-  bundled with win32 binary distributions of Zope.
-- Martijn Pieters and Brian Hooper contributed the #in reverse
-  attribute.
-- Phillip Eby contributed the DTML 'let' tag and many
-  other useful ideas, including the inspiration for the DTML
-  'call', 'with' and 'return'
-  tags.
-- The DateTime module was based on work from Ted Horst.
-- Jordan Baker contributed the 'try' tag, something we've wanted
-  for a long, long time.
-- Martijn Pieters chipped in with a safe range function.
-- Michael Hauser came up with the name "Zope".
-- Eric Kidd from Userland contributed to ZPublisher's support for
-- Andrew M. Kuchling wrote the initial version of mod_pcgi, making 
-  him extremely cool in our book.
-- Oleg Broytmann has taken up the standard of mod_pcgi and moving
-  it to be a really amazing thing, and ready for prime time.
-- Jephte CLAIN made some patches to European ZopeTime.
-- Thanks to Gregor Hoffleit for his work in getting Zope into the
-  Debian distribution.
-- All the other Zopistas far and wide that stuck with us during
-  the Bobo/Principia days and politely push us to make the best damn
-  app server on this or any other planet.
-- Of course the list of credits would be quite incomplete without
-  mentioning Guido van Rossum, benevolent dictator of Python and
-  long-time friend of Digital Creations.  Zope Power is Python
-  Power.
-- Special thanks to Richard Stallman and the Free Software
-  Foundation for their assistance and feedback on the
-  GPL-compatible 2.0 version of the Zope Public License.

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