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@@ -5,470 +5,13 @@
 Change information for previous versions of Zope can be found at
-2.13.0c1 (unreleased)
+2.14.0a1 (unreleased)
 Bugs Fixed
-2.13.0b1 (2010-10-09)
-Bugs Fixed
-- Avoid iterating over the list of packages to initialize while it is being
-  mutated, which was skipping some packages.
-- Fixed two unit tests that failed on fast Windows machines.
-- Fixed OverflowError in Products.ZCatalog.Lazy on 64bit Python on Windows.
-- Fixed ``testZODBCompat`` tests in ZopeTestCase to match modern ZODB
-  semantics.
-- LP #634942: Only require ``nt_svcutils`` on Windows.
 Features Added
-- Avoid conflict error hotspot in PluginIndexes' Unindex class by using
-  IITreeSets instead of simple ints from the start. Idea taken from
-  ``enfold.fixes``.
-- Added date range index improvements from ``experimental.catalogqueryplan``.
-- Changed policy on handling exceptions during ZCML parsing in ``Products``.
-  We no longer catch any exceptions in non-debug mode.
-- Added a new BooleanIndex to the standard PluginIndexes.
-- Update to Zope Toolkit 1.0c3.
-- Add ability to define extra zopectl commands via setuptools entrypoints.
-- Updated distributions:
-  - Acquisition = 2.13.5
-  - Products.MailHost = 2.13.1
-  - Products.ZCTextIndex = 2.13.1
-  - repoze.retry = 1.0
-  - tempstorage = 2.12.1
-  - ZODB3 = 3.10.0
-  - zope.testbrowser = 3.10.1
-2.13.0a4 (2010-09-09)
-- Removed deprecated
-  ``Products.Five.security.create_permission_from_permission_directive``
-  event handler. Its code was moved into the Zope 2 version of the permission
-  directive in ``AccessControl.security``.
-Features Added
-- LP #193122: New method getVirtualRoot added to the Request class.
-- Updated test assertions to use unittest's ``assert*`` methods in favor of
-  their deprecated `fail*` aliases.
-- Update to Zope Toolkit 1.0a3.
-- Updated distributions:
-  - AccessControl = 2.13.3
-  - Acquisition = 2.13.4
-  - ZODB3 = 3.10.0b6
-2.13.0a3 (2010-08-04)
-Bugs Fixed
-- Adjusted overflow logic in DateIndex and DateRangeIndex to work with latest
-  ZODB 3.10.0b4.
-- Made sure to exclude a number of meta ZCML handlers from ``zope.*`` packages
-  where Zope2 provides its own implementations.
-- LP #599378: Fixed accumulated_headers not appending to headers correctly.
-- Fix support for non-public permission attributes in the
-  browser:view directive so that attributes which are not included in
-  allowed_interface or allowed_attributes but which have declarations from a
-  base class's security info don't get their security overwritten to be
-  private.
-- LP #143755: Also catch TypeError when trying to determine an 
-  indexable value for an object in PluginIndexes.common.UnIndex
-- LP #143533: Instead of showing "" as the SERVER_NAME 
-  request variable when no specific listening IP is configured for 
-  the HTTP server, do a socket lookup to show the current server's 
-  fully qualified name.
-- LP #143722: Added missing permission to ObjectManager.manage_hasId,
-  which prevented renaming files and folders via FTP.
-- LP #143564: Request.resolve_url did not correctly re-raise
-  exceptions encountered during path traversal.
-- Removed catalog length migration code. You can no longer directly upgrade a
-  Zope 2.7 or earlier database to Zope 2.13. Please upgrade to an earlier
-  release first.
-- Deprecated the ``Products.ZCatalog.CatalogAwareness`` and
-  ``CatalogPathAwareness`` modules.
-- Removed deprecated ``catalog-getObject-raises`` zope.conf option.
-- Removed unmaintained HelpSys documents from ZCatalog and PluginIndexes.
-  Useful explanations are given inside the form templates.
-- Deprecate Products.ZCatalog's current behavior of returning the entire
-  catalog content if no query restriction applied. In Zope 2.14 this will
-  result in an empty LazyCat to be returned instead.
-- Deprecate acquiring the request inside Products.ZCatalog's searchResults
-  method if no explicit query argument is given.
-- Cleaned up the Products.ZCatalog search API's. The deprecated support for
-  using `<index id>_usage` arguments in the request has been removed. Support
-  for overriding operators via the `<index id>_operator` syntax has been
-  limited to the query value for each index and no longer works directly on
-  the request. The query is now brought into a canonical form before being
-  passed into the `_apply_index` method of each index.
-- Factored out the `Products.MailHost` package into its own distributions. It
-  will no longer be included by default in Zope 2.14 but live on as an
-  independent add-on.
-Features Added
-- Merged the query plan support from both ``unimr.catalogqueryplan`` and
-  ``experimental.catalogqueryplan`` into ZCatalog. On sites with large number 
-  objects in a catalog (in the 100000+ range) this can significantly speed up
-  catalog queries. A query plan monitors catalog queries and keeps detailed
-  statistics about their execution. Currently the plan keeps track of execution
-  time, result set length and support for the ILimitedResultIndex per index for
-  each query. It uses this information to devise a better query execution plan
-  the next time the same query is run. Statistics and the resulting plan are
-  continuously updated. The plan is per running Zope process and not persisted.
-  You can inspect the plan using the ``Query Plan`` ZMI tab on each catalog
-  instance. The representation can be put into a Python module and the Zope
-  process be instructed to load this query plan on startup. The location of the
-  query plan is specified by providing the dotted name to the query plan
-  dictionary in an environment variable called ``ZCATALOGQUERYPLAN``.
-- Various optimizations to indexes _apply_index and the catalog's search
-  method inspired by experimental.catalogqueryplan.
-- Added a new ILimitedResultIndex to Products.PluginIndexes and made most
-  built-in indexes compatible with it. This allows indexes to consider the
-  already calculated result set inside their own calculations.
-- Changed the internals of the DateRangeIndex to always use IITreeSet and do
-  an inline migration from IISet. Some datum tend to have large number of
-  documents, for example when using default floor or ceiling dates.
-- Added a new reporting tab to `Products.ZCatalog` instances. You can use this
-  to get an overview of slow catalog queries, as specified by a configurable
-  threshold value.
-- Warn when App.ImageFile.ImageFile receives a relative path with no prefix,
-  and then has to assume the path to be relative to "software home". This
-  behaviour is deprecated as packages can be factored out to their own
-  distribution, making the "software home" relative path meaningless.
-- Updated distributions:
-  - AccessControl = 2.13.2
-  - DateTime = 2.12.5
-  - DocumentTemplate = 2.13.1
-  - Products.BTreeFolder2 = 2.13.1
-  - Products.OFSP = 2.13.2
-  - ZODB3 = 3.10.0b4
-2.13.0a2 (2010-07-13)
-Bugs Fixed
-- Made ZPublisher tests compatible with Python 2.7.
-- LP #143531: Fix broken object so they give access to their state.
-- LP #578326: Add support for non-public permission attributes in the
-  browser:view directive.
-- No longer use HelpSys pages from ``Products.OFSP`` in core Zope 2.
-- No longer create an `Extensions` folder in the standard instance skeleton.
-  External methods will become entirely optional in Zope 2.14.
-- Avoid using the ``Products.PythonScripts.standard`` module inside the
-  database manager ZMI.
-- Factored out the `Products.BTreeFolder2`, `Products.ExternalMethod`,
-  `Products.MIMETools`, `Products.OFSP`, `Products.PythonScripts` and
-  `Products.StandardCacheManagers` packages into their own distributions. They
-  will no longer be included by default in Zope 2.14 but live on as independent
-  add-ons.
-- Factored out the `Products.ZSQLMethods` into its own distribution. The
-  distribution also includes the `Shared.DC.ZRDB` code. The Zope2 distribution
-  no longer includes the code automatically. Please depend on the new
-  distribution yourself, if you use the functionality. To make the transition
-  easier this change has been backported to Zope 2.12.9, so you can depend on
-  the new distribution already in packages requiring at least that version of
-  Zope 2.
-- Made both `Shared` and `Shared.DC` namespace packages.
-- Removed fallback code for old Python versions from
-  `ZServer.FTPServer.zope_ftp_channel.push`.
-- Removed fallback code for old `ZCatalog.catalog_object` function signatures
-  from `Products.ZCatalog.ZCatalog.reindexIndex`.
-Features Added
-- Added official support for Python 2.7.
-- Added a new API ``get_packages_to_initialize`` to ``OFS.metaconfigure``.
-  This replaces any direct access to ``Products._packages_to_initialize``.
-  The OFS.Application.install_package function takes care of removing entries
-  from this list now.
-- Added notification of ``IDatabaseOpenedWithRoot``.
-- Added a new API's ``get_registered_packages, set_registered_packages`` to
-  ``OFS.metaconfigure`` which replace any direct access to
-  ``Products._registered_packages``.
-- Changed product install so it won't write persistent changes only to abort
-  them. Instead we don't make any database changes in the first place.
-- Disabled persistent product installation in the default test configuration.
-- Directly extend and use the Zope Toolkit KGS release 1.0a2 from
-  http://download.zope.org/zopetoolkit/index/.
-- Updated distributions:
-  - DateTime = 2.12.4
-  - nt_svcutils = 2.13.0
-2.13.0a1 (2010-06-25)
-This release includes all bug fixes and features of the
-`Zope 2.12.8 <http://pypi.python.org/pypi/Zope2/2.12.8>`_ release.
-Distribution changes
-- Moved AccessControl, DocumentTemplate (incl. TreeDisplay) and
-  Products.ZCTextIndex to their own distributions. This removes the last direct
-  C extensions from the Zope2 distribution.
-- Moved the ``zExceptions`` package into its own distribution.
-- Drop the dependency on the ThreadLock distribution, by using Python's thread
-  module instead.
-- Integrated the Products.signalstack / z3c.deadlockdebugger packages. You can
-  now send a SIGUSR1 signal to a Zope process and get a stack trace of all
-  threads printed out on the console. This works even if all threads are stuck.
-Instance skeleton
-- Changed the default for ``enable-product-installation`` to off. This matches
-  the default behavior of buildout installs via plone.recipe.zope2instance.
-  Disabling the persistent product installation also disabled the ZMI help
-  system.
-- Removed Zope2's own mkzeoinstance script. If you want to set up ZEO instances
-  please install the zope.mkzeoinstance and use its script.
-- Removed deprecated ``read-only-database`` option from zope.conf.
-- LP #143232: Added option to 'zope.conf' to specify an additional directory to
-  be searched for 'App.Extensions' lookups. Thanks to Rodrigo Senra for the
-  patch.
-- LP #143604: Removed top-level database-quota-size from zope.conf, some
-  storages support a quota option instead.
-- LP #143089: Removed the top-level zeo-client-name option from zope.conf, as 
-  had no effect since ZODB 3.2.
-- Removed no longer maintained ``configure, make, make install`` related
-  installation files. Zope2 can only be installed via its setup.py.
-- Removed the unmaintained and no longer functioning ZopeTutorialExamples from
-  the instance skeleton.
-Deprecated and Removed
-- Finished the move of five.formlib to an extra package and removed it from 
-  2 itself. Upgrade notes have been added to the news section of the release
-  notes.
-- ZPublisher: Removed 'Main' and 'Zope' wrappers for Test.publish. If anybody
-  really used them, he can easily use ZPublisher.test instead. In the long run
-  ZPublisher.test and ZPublisher.Test might also be removed.
-- ZPublisherExceptionHook: Removed ancient backwards compatibility code.
-  Customized raise_standardErrorMessage methods have to implement the signature
-  introduced in Zope 2.6.
-- Removed ancient App.HotFixes module.
-- Removed the deprecated ``hasRole`` method from user objects.
-- Removed deprecated support for specifying ``__ac_permissions__``,
-  ``meta_types`` and ``methods`` in a product's ``__init__``.
-- Remove remaining support classes for defining permissions TTW.
-- Removed the deprecated ``five:containerEvents`` directive, which had been a
-  no-op for quite a while.
-- Removed Products.Five.fivedirectives.IBridgeDirective - a leftover from the
-  Interface to zope.interface bridging code.
-- Marked the ``<five:implements />`` as officially deprecated. The standard
-  ``<class />`` directive allows the same.
-- Completely refactored ``ZPublisher.WSGIResponse`` in order to provide
-  non-broken support for running Zope under arbitrary WSGI servers. In this
-  (alternate) scenario, transaction handling, request retry, error handling,
-  etc. are removed from the publisher, and become the responsibility of
-  middleware.
-- Moved the code handling ZCML loading into the ``Zope2.App`` package. The
-  component architecture is now setup before the application object is created
-  or any database connections are opened. So far the CA was setup somewhat
-  randomly in the startup process, when the ``Five`` product was initialized.
-- Moved Products.Sessions APIs from ``SessionInterfaces`` to ``interfaces``,
-  leaving behind the old module / names for backward compatibility.
-- Centralize interfaces defined in Products.ZCTextIndex, leaving BBB imports
-  behind in old locations.
-- Moved ``cmf.*`` permissions into Products.CMFCore.
-- Moved ``TaintedString`` into the new AccessControl.tainted module.
-- Testing: Functional.publish now uses the real publish_module function instead
-  of that from ZPublisher.Test. The 'extra' argument of the publish method is 
-  longer supported.
-- Moved ``testbrowser`` module into the Testing package.
-- Moved general OFS related ZCML directives from Products.Five into the OFS
-  package.
-- Moved the ``absoluteurl`` views into the OFS package.
-- Moved ``Products/Five/event.zcml`` into the OFS package.
-- Moved ``Products/Five/security.py`` and security related ZCML configuration
-  into the AccessControl package.
-- Moved ``Products/Five/traversing.zcml`` directly into the configure.zcml.
-- Moved ``Products/Five/i18n.zcml`` into the ZPublisher package.
-- Moved ``Products/Five/publisher.zcml`` into the ZPublisher package.
-- Ported the lazy expression into zope.tales and require a new version of it.
-- Updated copyright and license information to conform with repository policy.
-- LP #143410: Removed unnecessary color definition in ZMI CSS.
-- LP #374810: ``__bobo_traverse__`` implementation can raise
-  ``ZPublisher.interfaces.UseTraversalDefault`` to indicate that there is no
-  special casing for the given name and that standard traversal logic should
-  be applied.
-- LP #142464: Make undo log easier to read. Thanks to Toby Dickinson for the
-  patch.
-- LP #142401: Added a link in the ZMI tree pane to make the tree state
-  persistent. Thanks to Lalo Martins for the patch.
-- LP #142502: Added a knob to the Debug control panel for resetting profile
-  data. Thanks to Vladimir Patukhov for the patch.
-- ZCTextIndex query parser treats fullwidth space characters defined in Unicode
-  as valid white space.
-Updated distributions
-- Jinja2 = 2.5.0
-- RestrictedPython = 3.6.0a1
-- Sphinx = 1.0b2
-- transaction = 1.1.0
-- ZConfig = 2.8.0
-- ZODB3 = 3.10.0b1
-- zope.annotation = 3.5.0
-- zope.broken = 3.6.0
-- zope.browsermenu = 3.9.0
-- zope.browserpage = 3.12.2
-- zope.browserresource = 3.10.3
-- zope.component = 3.9.4
-- zope.configuration = 3.7.2
-- zope.container = 3.11.1
-- zope.contentprovider = 3.7.2
-- zope.contenttype = 3.5.1
-- zope.event = 3.5.0-1
-- zope.exceptions = 3.6.0
-- zope.filerepresentation = 3.6.0
-- zope.i18nmessageid = 3.5.0
-- zope.interface = 3.6.1
-- zope.location = 3.9.0
-- zope.lifecycleevent = 3.6.0
-- zope.ptresource = 3.9.0
-- zope.publisher = 3.12.3
-- zope.schema = 3.6.4
-- zope.sendmail = 3.7.2
-- zope.site = 3.9.1
-- zope.structuredtext = 3.5.0
-- zope.tales = 3.5.1
-- zope.testbrowser = 3.9.0
-- zope.testing = 3.9.3
-- zope.traversing = 3.12.1
-- zope.viewlet = 3.7.2
-Bugs Fixed
-- LP #143391: Protect against missing acl_users.hasUsers on quick start page.

Modified: Zope/trunk/doc/WHATSNEW.rst
--- Zope/trunk/doc/WHATSNEW.rst 2010-10-09 14:35:18 UTC (rev 117400)
+++ Zope/trunk/doc/WHATSNEW.rst 2010-10-09 14:43:24 UTC (rev 117401)
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-What's new in Zope 2.13
+What's new in Zope 2.14
 The article explains the new high-level features and changes found in this
@@ -8,151 +8,7 @@
 about all minor new features and bugs being solved in this release.
-Python 2.7
-This release of Zope 2 adds support for
-`Python 2.7 <http://www.python.org/download/releases/2.7/>`_. Please refer to
-the `What's new in Python 2.7 <http://docs.python.org/dev/whatsnew/2.7.html>`_
-document, if you want to know more about the changes.
-Zope 2.13 is continuing to support Python 2.6.4 or any later maintenance 
-of it. There's currently no support for any Python 3.x version. Work has begun
-in the Zope Toolkit to port some of the lower level packages to Python 3.
-ZODB 3.10
-This version of Zope includes ZODB 3.10 - a new major version of the ZODB.
-Among the notable changes are a variety of performance improvements. The ZEO
-server process is now multi-threaded. If the underlying file system and disk
-storage can handle concurrent disk I/O efficiently a throughput increase by a
-factor of up to four has been seen. On a related note using solid state disks
-for the ZEO server has a similar effect and can increase throughput by the
-same factor. Both of these effects combined can lead to an increase of up to
-sixteen times the throughput in high load scenarios.
-File storage indexes use a new format, which is both smaller in size and can
-be read much faster. The repozo backup script now also backs up the index files
-in addition to the actual data, so in a restore scenario the index doesn't have
-to be recreated. For large databases this can bring down the total downtime in
-a restore scenario by a significant amount of time.
-The ZODB has added support for wrapper storages that transform pickle data.
-Applications for this include compression and encryption. A storage using
-standard zlib compression is available as a new package called
-`zc.zlibstorage <http://pypi.python.org/pypi/zc.zlibstorage>`_. In content
-management scenarios where strings constitute the most of the non-blob data,
-this can reduce the Data.fs size by a factor of two or more. The overhead of
-compressing and uncompressing is negligible. This saves both network I/O and
-disk space. More importantly the database has better chances of fitting into
-the operating systems disk cache and thus into memory. The second advantage is
-less important when using solid state disks.
-Databases now warn when committing very large records (> 16MB). This is to try
-to warn people of likely design mistakes. There is a new option
-(large_record_size/large-record-size) to control the record size at which the
-warning is issued. This should help developers to better understand the storage
-implications of their code, which has been rather transparent so far.
-The mkzeoinst script has been moved to a separate project
-`zope.mkzeoinstance <http://pypi.python.org/pypi/zope.mkzeoinstance>`_ and is
-no-longer included with ZODB. You will need to use this new package to set up
-ZEO servers or use the
-`plone.recipe.zeoserver <http://pypi.python.org/pypi/plone.recipe.zeoserver>`_
-recipe if you use `buildout <http://www.buildout.org/>`_.
-More information can be found in the detailed
-`change log <http://pypi.python.org/pypi/ZODB3/3.10.0b8>`_.
-This Zope release comes with native WSGI support. First pioneered in the
-repoze.zope2 project, this capability finally found its way back into the core
-and obsoletes the externally managed project. With WSGI Zope 2 can natively 
-to a variety of web servers and isn't restricted to its own ZServer anymore. It
-also opens up new possibilities for writing or reusing middleware in Zope 2 or
-factoring out capabilities into WSGI endware. It's expected that this new
-deployment model will over time become the default and the old ZServer
-implementation will be deprecated. There's no concrete timeline for this yet.
-NOTE: There's no setup documentation nor streamlined instance creation logic
-for a WSGI setup yet. You are expected to know exactly what you are doing if
-you are trying to use this feature.
-Zope Toolkit
-Zope 2.13 has neither direct nor indirect ``zope.app.*`` dependencies anymore.
-This finishes the transition from the hybrid Zope 2 + 3 codebase. Zope 3 itself
-has been split up into two projects, the underlying Zope Toolkit consisting of
-foundation libraries and the application server part. The application server
-part has been renamed BlueBream. Zope 2 only depends and ships with the Zope
-Toolkit now.
-Large parts of code inside Zope 2 and specifically Products.Five have been
-refactored to match this new reality. The goal is to finally remove the Five
-integration layer and make the Zope Toolkit a normal integral part of Zope 2.
-The ZCatalog and the default set of indexes as found in the PluginIndexes
-package have seen a large number of changes. Most of these have been pioneered
-in add-on packages in the Zope community over the last years and now have found
-their way back into the core. The largest change is added query plan support 
-the catalog. A standard feature in all relation databases, the job of a query
-plan is to monitor queries in a live system and based on execution metrics
-devise optimized plans for executing the low level instructions which lead to a
-query result. In sites with large number of indexed objects this can make a
-tremendous difference and significantly speed up all queries.
-The query plan support is completely transparent to all users, though ways 
-for developers to predefine it and store it across server restarts. The plan
-itself can be introspected in a tab in the ZMI. There's also a new ZMI tab to
-report slow catalog queries which can help developers to tune the remaining 
-queries in their applications.
-In addition to these larger changes there's been a high number of smaller
-changes to the search logic and the catalog implementations. All of these
-should result in better query execution and reduced number of conflict error
+Major topic
-There's an ongoing effort to refactor Zope 2 into more independent modularized
-distributions. Zope 2.12 has already seen a lot of this, with the use of zope.*
-packages as individual distributions and the extraction of packages like
-Acquisition, DateTime or tempstorage to name a few. Zope 2.13 continues this
-trend and has moved all packages containing C extensions to external
-distributions. Among those are AccessControl, DocumentTemplate and
-Optional Formlib support
-Zope 2 made a number of frameworks available through its integration layer
-Products.Five. Among these has been direct support for an automated form
-generation framework called zope.formlib with its accompanying widget library
-This form generation framework has seen only minor adoption throughout the Zope
-community and more popular alternatives like z3c.form exist. To reflect this
-status Zope 2 no longer directly contains formlib support.
-If you rely on formlib, you need to add a dependency to the new five.formlib
-distribution and change all related imports pointing to Products.Five.form or
-Products.Five.formlib to point to the new package instead.
-In order to ease the transition, five.formlib has been backported to the 2.12
-release series. Starting in 2.12.3 you can already use the new five.formlib
-package, but backwards compatibility imports are left in place in 
-This allows you to easily adapt your packages to work with both 2.12 and 2.13.

Modified: Zope/trunk/doc/conf.py
--- Zope/trunk/doc/conf.py      2010-10-09 14:35:18 UTC (rev 117400)
+++ Zope/trunk/doc/conf.py      2010-10-09 14:43:24 UTC (rev 117401)
@@ -49,9 +49,9 @@
 # built documents.
 # The short X.Y version.
-version = '2.13'
+version = '2.14'
 # The full version, including alpha/beta/rc tags.
-release = '2.13'
+release = '2.14'
 # The language for content autogenerated by Sphinx. Refer to documentation
 # for a list of supported languages.

Modified: Zope/trunk/doc/index.rst
--- Zope/trunk/doc/index.rst    2010-10-09 14:35:18 UTC (rev 117400)
+++ Zope/trunk/doc/index.rst    2010-10-09 14:43:24 UTC (rev 117401)
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
-Zope 2.13 specific documentation
+Zope 2.14 specific documentation

Modified: Zope/trunk/setup.py
--- Zope/trunk/setup.py 2010-10-09 14:35:18 UTC (rev 117400)
+++ Zope/trunk/setup.py 2010-10-09 14:43:24 UTC (rev 117401)
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
-    version='2.13.0c1.dev',
+    version='2.14.0a1.dev',
     license='ZPL 2.1',
     description='Zope2 application server / web framework',

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