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Deleted: Zope/trunk/src/Products/PageTemplates/CHANGES.txt
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-Page Template changes
-  This file contains change information for the current release. 
-  Change information for previous versions can be found in the
-  file HISTORY.txt.
-    Version 1.5.0
-      Features Added
-        - Error reporting is improved, with line numbers added.
-        - In the ZMI, errors are separated from the text and highlighted.
-        - A template can be marked explicitly as XML or HTML by giving
-        it a boolean 'is_html' property.
-        - New icon, provided by Michael R. Bernstein.
-      Bugs Fixed
-        - The starting properties could be deleted.  This is only
-        fixed for new templates.
-        - Collector 596 fixed; manage_addPageTemplate can now be
-          called with a text argument but no REQUEST.form['file'].
-          E.g. when called via ZPublisher.Client.

Deleted: Zope/trunk/src/Testing/ZopeTestCase/doc/CHANGES.txt
--- Zope/trunk/src/Testing/ZopeTestCase/doc/CHANGES.txt 2011-07-03 16:27:10 UTC 
(rev 122099)
+++ Zope/trunk/src/Testing/ZopeTestCase/doc/CHANGES.txt 2011-07-03 16:31:03 UTC 
(rev 122100)
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-[Later changes are logged in Zope's CHANGES.txt]
-0.9.10 (Zope 2.11 edition)
-- Switched to Zope3 interfaces.
-- Removed broken profiler support.
-- Added hasPackage and installPackage functions for dealing with "products"
-  registered via five:registerPackage.
-- Provide access to test globs in doctest setUp and tearDown.
-0.9.9 (Zope 2.11 edition)
-- transaction.commit(1) is deprecated in favor of transaction.savepoint(1).
-- Don't break if Python distros ship without profile support (Debian, Ubuntu).
-- Functional.publish() would hang if it got a request_method argument other
-  than GET or HEAD while omitting the stdin argument.
-- installProduct() now becomes a noop if ZopeTestCase did not apply its
-  patches.
-- Made functional doctests set cookie related headers.
-- Made functional doctests set the Www-Authenticate header.
-- Made sure logging is configured.
-- Made base.TestCase a new-style class.
-- Added placeless.py for Z3-style setup. Thanks to Whit Morriss.
-- Fixed functional.http() to only pass the request body (no headers) to
-  publish_module(). Thanks to Andreas Zeidler.
-- Fixed doctestsuite factory to copy layers from test_class to the suite.
-  Thanks to Whit Morris.
-0.9.8 (Zope 2.8 edition)
-- Renamed 'doctest' package to 'zopedoctest' because of name-shadowing
-  issues discovered during integration into Zope 2.8. Tests may still use
-  'from Testing.ZopeTestCase import doctest' as the name is aliased there.
-- Greatly improved the doctest story. ZopeTestCase now implements four test
-  suite factories: ZopeDocTestSuite, ZopeDocFileSuite, FunctionalDocTestSuite,
-  and FunctionalDocFileSuite.
-- Removed warnhook.py, we now use the one from ZODB.tests.
-- Removed doctest.py, we now use the one from zope.testing.
-- Removed dochttp.py + test, we now use the one from zope.app.tests.
-- ZopeLite now takes care not to monkey patch an already started Zope.
-- PortalTestCase.setUp() no longer calls _refreshSkinData() as CMF is smart
-  enough now.
-- Fixed PortalTestCase._refreshSkinData() helper to work with CMF >= 1.5.
-- Made PortalTestCase.createMemberarea() work better with CMF >= 1.5.
-- Fixed a bug where using sessions in sandboxed (functional) tests would cause
-  connection pool depletion and subsequent hangs. Thanks to Balazs Ree.
-- Encapsulated the ConnectionRegistry in its own module, connections.py.
-  Reusing the registry from other modules becomes a lot cleaner as a result.
-- Made sure to close the REQUEST so as not to leak REQUEST._held. Thanks
-  to Sidnei da Silva.
-- Modified runalltests.py so it imports modules more like test.py, i.e.
-  without touching sys.path and without the help of imp.
-- The standalone version of ZopeTestCase gained a Zope 2.8-style transaction
-  module. Tests may now use 'from Testing.ZopeTestCase import transaction'
-  which is guaranteed to work across Zope versions.
-- The REQUEST now contains the ACTUAL_URL variable introduced in Zope 2.7.4.
-- Dropped support for Zope 2.5 as it lacks the setSecurityManager() API.
-- Moved interfaces from doc section to interfaces.py module.
-- Test classes now assert their interfaces.
-- Refactored security interfaces to IZopeSecurity and IPortalSecurity.
-- Added a class diagram to the doc section.
-- setRoles() and setPermissions() no longer insist on ListType arguments
-  but now accept lists, tuples, and strings.
-- getRoles() and getPermissions() are no longer part of the security API
-  because of YAGNI.
-- Added getHeader() and getCookie() accessors to the response wrapper
-  used in functional tests.
-- publish() now accepts an optional 'stdin' argument, allowing to pass
-  the input stream for POST and PUT requests.
-- runalltests.py now supports a '-R' (recursive) command line option.
-0.9.4 (not released)
-- Backported functional doc tests from Zope 3.
-- Included a copy of doctest.py from Zope 3 (which is copied from
-  Python2.4 CVS). It will be removed when we start requiring Python2.4.
-- Added dochttp.py script from Zope 3, which is used to convert
-  tcpwatch.py output to functional doc tests.
-- Added warnhook.py from ZODB. It is used to capture the output of
-  warnings.warn() calls.
-- Added missing 'user_password' constant.
-- Many thanks to Sidnei da Silva!
-- Introduced new base.TestCase class which contains the bare-
-  bones framework code and serves as baseclass for ZTC and PTC.
-- ZopeLite now configures the logging module in Zope >= 2.7.
-- Teardown sequence is now compatible with Zope trunk (again).
-- Added getRoles() and getPermissions() methods to security API.
-- setRoles() now asserts 'roles' argument is ListType.
-- setPermissions() now asserts 'permissions' argument is ListType.
-- No longer support Zope 2.4 as its DemoStorage is broken.
-- Made PortalTestCase derive from ZopeTestCase (again).
-- Made all xTestCases profiler aware by default.
-- Renamed the Profiler module to profiler.py (lowercase).
-- Added support for ZODB sandboxes, sandbox.py.
-- Added support for functional unit testing, functional.py.
-- The profiler module now provides a dump_stats() method to write
-  profiler statistics to a file for manual inspection.
-- The REQUEST now fakes a published object to make the URL1
-  request variable available to tests. Thanks to Alan Runyan.
-- startZServer() now accepts a log argument, allowing to pass
-  a stream which the ZServer access log (Z2.log) will be written to.
-- The 'app' argument of utility functions is now optional.
-- Fixed custom_zodb.py support for Zope 2.7.
-- Most mercilessly refactored ztc_common.py.
-- ZopeLite now loads silently if it does not control the import process.
-- Revised and amended much of the existing documentation.
-- Added an API reference (skeleton), API.stx.
-- Documented what's going on when tests are run in TIMELINES.txt.
-- Fixed issues with testZODBCompat.py and Zope < 2.6.
-- setupZGlobals() now uses a new-style BTrees.OOBTree.
-- Profiling can now be activated from the command line.
-- framework.py now flushes stdout to not mess up the output in batch mode.
-- framework.py no longer adds os.pardir to the sys.path. Thanks to
-  Yoshinori Okuji.
-- Made sure user objects are not inadvertently wrapped twice by login().
-- Made sure "renegade" transactions are aborted if something goes wrong
-  during the setup phase.
-- initialize_cache() is no longer called for Zope 2.7.
-- Removed the leading underscores from all constant names. They proved
-  non-private in "real life" anyway. The old names are still available
-  for backward compatibility, but are deprecated.
-- Removed NO_PRODUCT_LOAD for reasons of obscureness and YAGNI.
-- Added a test for ZODB behavior in ZTC, testZODBCompat.py.
-- Added a PortalTestCase base class to aid testing of CMF-style portals.
-- Added simple profiling support using the Python profile library.
-- Got rid of the ill-conceived FX interface (don't even ask).
-- ZopeLite now supports Zope 2.7.
-0.7.2 (not released)
-- ZopeLite gained a do-nothing startup() method for API compliance.
-- The ZopeTestCase module now has a main() method like unittest has.
-- Made sure the test user's 'roles' attribute is a list because CMF
-  role-mapping assumes it can append to it. :-/
-- Fixed a bug that caused setRoles() to only work with the
-  default user folder. Refactored the fixture code in the process.
-- Reworked the connection registry and wrote tests for it.
-- Made afterClear() largely redundant because it turned out to be just that.
-- Added close() method to be able to close ZODB connections individually.
-- Added ISimpleSecurity and IExtensibleSecurity interfaces.
-- installProduct() now immediately fails if a product throws an
-  exception during installation. Thanks to Tom Jenkins.
-- The REQUEST no longer contains the entire shell environment.
-- Moved all documentation files to the 'doc' subdirectory.
-- Added IZopeTestCase and IZopeTestCaseFX interfaces.
-- The effects of setting INSTANCE_HOME have been changed to something
-  less surprising. Please see ENVIRONMENT.txt for details.
-- Now uses the environment variable ZEO_INSTANCE_HOME to enable ZEO
-  support.
-- Use a module-level database connection registry to avoid freezing
-  after too many errors.
-- All tests are now transactional by default.
-- Added beforeSetUp() and beforeClose() hooks to the ZopeTestCase class.
-- Added utility method importObjectFromFile()
-- Added utility method setupSiteErrorLog().
-- Added utility method startZServer().
-- Added accompanying test, testWebserver.py.
-- Added first incarnation of a How-To.
-- Revised the example tests.
-- Zope 2.6 compatibility adjustments.
-- Hardening in the face of incomplete Zope installations.
-- Delete ZEO_CLIENT environment variable to enforce a temporary client
-  cache. Repair Zope 2.4 Testing package issue in the process.
-- Provide NO_PRODUCT_LOAD environment variable for completeness.
-- Added hasProduct() method to allow testing for product availability.
-- Added new utility method setupZGlobals().
-- Added a skeleton test suite, testSkeleton.py.
-- Added runalltests.py script.
-- Added CHANGES, INSTALL, and VERSION documents.
-- Unit and regression testing framework for Zope. Initial release.

Deleted: Zope/trunk/src/Testing/ZopeTestCase/doc/VERSION.txt
--- Zope/trunk/src/Testing/ZopeTestCase/doc/VERSION.txt 2011-07-03 16:27:10 UTC 
(rev 122099)
+++ Zope/trunk/src/Testing/ZopeTestCase/doc/VERSION.txt 2011-07-03 16:31:03 UTC 
(rev 122100)
@@ -1 +0,0 @@
-ZopeTestCase 0.9.10

Deleted: Zope/trunk/src/ZTUtils/CHANGES.txt
--- Zope/trunk/src/ZTUtils/CHANGES.txt  2011-07-03 16:27:10 UTC (rev 122099)
+++ Zope/trunk/src/ZTUtils/CHANGES.txt  2011-07-03 16:31:03 UTC (rev 122100)
@@ -1,31 +0,0 @@
-ZTUtils changes
-  This file contains change information for the current release. 
-  Change information for previous versions can be found in the
-  file HISTORY.txt.
-    After Version 1.1.4
-      Features Added
-        - Added 'sequence_length' attribute to batches.      
-    Version 1.1.4
-      Features Added
-        - Under Python 2.2, Iterator both accepts and produces Python
-          iterator objects.
-        - first() and last() methods allow you to tell whether the
-          current element is different from the next or previous
-          element.  This is most useful when the sequence is sorted.
-      Bugs Fixed
-        - Handle both string and class Unauthorized exceptions.
-        - Batch construction masked sequence errors, such as
-          Unauthorized.

Deleted: Zope/trunk/src/ZTUtils/HISTORY.txt
--- Zope/trunk/src/ZTUtils/HISTORY.txt  2011-07-03 16:27:10 UTC (rev 122099)
+++ Zope/trunk/src/ZTUtils/HISTORY.txt  2011-07-03 16:31:03 UTC (rev 122100)
@@ -1,57 +0,0 @@
-ZTUtils history
-  This file contains change information for previous versions of
-  ZTUtils. Change information for the current release can be found
-  in the file CHANGES.txt.
-    Version 1.1.3
-      Brown-bag bugfix release.
-    Version 1.1.2
-      Bugs Fixed
-        - Orphans defaulted to 3, which was confusing and out of sync
-          with DTML-In.
-        - Orphan batches were broken.
-    Version 1.1.1
-      Bugs Fixed
-        - Python 1.5.2-incompatible changes crept in.
-    Version 1.1.0
-      Features Added
-        - TreeMakers have a setChildAccess() method that you can use
-          to control tree construction.  Child nodes can be accessed
-          through either an attribute name or callback function.
-          Children fetched by attribute name can be filtered through a
-          callback function.
-        - A new LazyFilter class allows you to filter a sequence using
-          Zope security and an optional filter callback function.  The
-          security and filter tests are lazy, meaning they are
-          performed as late as possible.  
-          The optional 'skip' argument determines the reaction when
-          access to a sequence element is refused by the Zope security
-          policy.  The default (None) is to raise the 'Unauthorized'
-          exception.  If a string is passed, such elements are
-          skipped.  If the string is non-empty, it is treated as a
-          permission name, and the element is skipped if the user
-          doesn't have that permission on the element.
-        - The Zope versions of TreeMaker, SimpleTreeMaker, and Batch
-          now use LazyFilter. The TreeMakers have a setSkip() method
-          that can be used to set the 'skip' value. Batch has an
-          optional 'skip_unauthorized' argument that is passed to
-          LazyFilter as 'skip'.
-        - Utility functions make_query(), url_query(), and
-          make_hidden_input() have been added.

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