Log message for revision 126597:
  Made an untested "fix" to the untested interactive quit command,
  which I hope to remove soon.
  It previously send an "exit" command, which has the same semantics as
  "stop" and was removed recently.

  U   zdaemon/trunk/src/zdaemon/zdctl.py

Modified: zdaemon/trunk/src/zdaemon/zdctl.py
--- zdaemon/trunk/src/zdaemon/zdctl.py  2012-06-05 15:03:56 UTC (rev 126596)
+++ zdaemon/trunk/src/zdaemon/zdctl.py  2012-06-05 15:39:33 UTC (rev 126597)
@@ -569,7 +569,7 @@
             print "daemon manager not running"
         elif not self.zd_pid:
             print "daemon process not running; stopping daemon manager"
-            self.send_action("exit")
+            self.send_action("stop")
             self.awhile(lambda: not self.zd_up, "daemon manager stopped")
             print "daemon process and daemon manager still running"

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