Sune B. Woeller <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> After upgrading to Zope 2.7.5 I experience the following behaviour:
> In a dcwokflow, i have a script with the following
> content, narrowed down for simplicity:
> # get the object and its ID
> obj = state_change.object
> Unauthorized: The owner of the executing script is defined outside the
> context of the object being accessed.  The script has
> proxy roles, but they do not apply in this context..  Access to 'object' of
> (Products.DCWorkflow.Expression.StateChangeInfo i
> nstance at 0x03B85F80) denied. Access requires View_Permission, granted to
> the following roles: ['Manager', 'Member', 'Owner'
> , 'Reviewer']. The executing script is (PythonScript at
> /blaagaard/portal_workflow/plone_workflow/scripts/test), owned by sune.

Could you check that user 'sune' still exists in you user folder.
Or change who owns that python script (Owner tab).


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