Hi Florent!

Florent Guillaume wrote:
- all in all it's quite nice,

Well. It works for some use cases, but there is yet a lot to be done. Though its maturity is still alpha, it already contains a lot of cruft.

- writing the code for the import handler is really painful, I wish we could use an API like elementtree. Couldn't we include it ?

Could you please elaborate on this? What are the most painful parts? Why are they painful? Are you talking about the import handlers themselves, the configurator classes or also about export handlers?

The framework doesn't dictate how import handlers are implemented. Did you try to write an import handler using ElementTree?

I never used ElementTree, but after looking at the documentation I doubt it would be very helpful: ConfiguratorBase.parseXML() converts types, sets defaults and maps keys. If we use ElementTree we have to do that in an extra step.

- I like and will use the recently added EXTENSION,

Seems some people started experimenting with this feature and didn't report any showstoppers, so if there are no objections I'll backport the changes into the 1.5 branch.

Of course this is just a first step. E.g. we need a way to specify and handle dependencies between profiles.

- has anyone used CMFSetup to import/export content space instead of configuration space ?
- really, what about including elementtree ?

+1 if it makes things much easier, -1 if not. I like the fact that CMF only depends on Zope.



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